MODO 801 Signature Courseware

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The minute The Foundry released MODO 801, emails hit our inbox with inquiries about our new training course.

This brand new course from MODO training leader Dan Ablan and will take you through MODO 801 from the ground up.

You'll find awesome new training tutorials that explain the newest features, plus build on the core functionality that makes MODO one of the industries leading 3D software applications.

In this comprehensive, from-the-ground-up course, you'll learn this awesome new program in a succinct, straight forward approach. 


Features of the training:

* Great Audio!
* HD Quicktime movies!
* Fully Downloadable! Watch anytime, anywhere!

This course is great for completely new users or seasoned talent. Our unique approach gives you the flexibility to start at the beginning or just jump to a specific topic. The QuickStart tutorial will be there for newbies and pros alike, covering all the basics - great for a refresher or reference. But if you're hot to get going on new features or want to learn the schematic section quickly for a project you're doing, just jump to that section, watch and learn.



To Get You Started, we've created a QuickStart tutorial. This takes you from A to Z in modeling, surfacing, lighting and rendering in modo, in no time. Then, work through other tutorials:

MODELING - build an interior loft, a lake scene with weeds, sun and a boat

SURFACING - take what you've built and learn surfacing from basic shading to UVs and Nodes

LIGHTING - now light those scenes you've built and surfaced. Plus, learn how to light for products and understand the everyday principles that make up a great scene.

ANIMATION - get the basics on cameras, keyframing, and then learn the killer new modo animation tab and what all of the tools do. Learn how to animate in modo. Then animate with dynamics, shattering objects, using soft-bodies, and rigid body dynamics. But then, get a key understanding of the particle system.

RIGGING - while this is not a character course, you still will learn how the "joints" work to rig a character. You'll then see how to make it move.

RENDERING - finally, get to know the render tools and what settings you need to make your outputs look great.

THIRD PARTY - a quick overview of third party options for modo to enhance your 3D projects.

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