MODO 701 Signature Courseware

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Brand new course created from the ground up!

The MODO 701 Signature Courseware

This is your key to unlocking the power with Luxology's greatest release yet, MODO 701.
With this training course you’ll understand how to navigate the interface, and create a projects from start to finish. MODO 701 has an amazing new interface, particle system, killer new animation tools, schematic improvements and tons of other improvements that you need to know! The MODO 701 Signature Courseware will help you learn these tools with our unique project based courseware.

You’ll see how easy it is to setup 3D models and animated scenes while incorporating new features such as Particles, Dynamics, Schematic Configurations, Topology, Volumetrics, Bones, Render Passes, Render Booleans and learn the power of deformers - and so much more.

New and Intermediate users of modo 3D will benefit from this course. There will be a section for those brand new to 3D and modo, and another section for those looking to learn just the new features. Each feature set will be presented with a project that you will do. There's no better way to learn software!

This is not a demo of the tools, but rather, a project-based course to help you use, learn and understand the toolset and modo workflow!


Course Specs:

  • Familiarization with modo 701
  • Core foundations of modo explained
  • Working with the new particle tools
  • Understanding the new animation tools
  • Creating models, morphs and animating with audio
  • Using the new rendering tools for things like smoke, blobs, and awesome volumetrics
  • Working with the excellent new shaders added to modo's powerful Shader Tree
  • Learn dynamics, with integration of particles
  • Setup Render Passes and learn how to maximize Render Booleans
  • Topology is your thing? We got that too.
  • ...and so much more, including great working tips and tricks throughout the course.

Here's a rundown of the course. Now 13 hours of video learning!



by Dan Ablan


1280 x 800 Resolution




The Basics Videos Folder

Project One: Let There Be Light (beginner tutorial)

Project Two: You Move Me (animation tools, morphs, key framing, sound, basic modeling)

Project Three: Particle Storm (particle system, soft body dynamics, fluids, weight maps, blobs, volumes, sprites, constraints,)

Project Four: Dynamics Primer

Project Five: Constraints, Topology & Cloth

Project Six: Fixin' a Rig (Rigging)

Project Seven: Lighting & Environments & Rendering


  • Technical Specs:
  • Course is downloadable instantly
  • High Quality, full resolution - hours of Quicktime Movies
  • Standard H.264 codecs
  • 720P Resolution
  • MAC and PC compatible.
  • This is not an NTSC or PAL DVD-Video.
  • 13 HOURS! Our biggest MODO course yet!