modo 501 Signature Courseware

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modo 501 Signature Courseware


Video shown is half resolution. Full res is 1280!


This course is a brand new (from our 401 course), from the ground up!

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Entirely Brand New Course covering cool new features of modo 501! 
The 3D modo 501 Signature Course will introduce you to modo 501, from the new interface, to the new modeling tools, fur, inverse kinematics, contraints, Pixar subdivisions, updated animation pipeline, assemblies and groups, plus much more. 8 HOURS of top rated training that play on both Mac and PC in high resolution, high quality is known for. 
Projects will demonstrate:
* Modeling household items with fine details using Pixar Subdivisions
* Building an environment utilizing the brand new surfaces and textures of 501
* Enhancing models and animations with new displacement and subdivision technology
* You'll learn how to animate in modo easily, and go further with the new animation assembly system
* Wondered about sculpting and uvs? Even easier with modo 501!
* Many tips, tricks, and demonstrations throughout to show you all the many new features and enhancements that make Luxology's modo 501 the best upgrade yet.
This brand new course is ENTIRELY NEW from the ground up! 

Download and learn today.