modo 401 Font & Text Course

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We all know modo 401 is an amazing 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering application. You can create lifelike 3D models, and animations of just about anything you want. But what about text? We're not talking your typical flying logos here, but the stuff you see everyday like those created for NFL, NBC, and Fox television. Learn how to not only use the text tool to its fullest extent, but how to incorporate modo's amazing modeling and surfacing tools to create those astounding broadcast animations you've been wanting to create. This course is now available for download at the sale price of $59.95. What an amazing learning experience! This 6 hour course is all you need to model, texture, light, animate and render killer text and fonts in modo 401. 


Working directly with the Luxology user community, we've worked hard to included a complete tutorial importing his EPS file and created a scene from it, in addition to the projects other tutorials. You'll learn how to convert it to work with modo in Illustrator, how to bevel polygons showing corner errors, then how to fix those errors. Then you'll learn how to go about beveling with edges to avoid corner errors, which is why modo is even better than other programs for fonts and text. Then, apply glass, a slight extrusion, keyframe, and make a scene. Here's some shots of the final. 

1280 x 720
High Resolution Quicktime Movies

3D MODO 401 Font & Text Courseware

1_MFT_Intro                       1.09
2_TextWorkflow_A               4.57
3_TextWorkflow_B               6.47
4_TextWorkflow_C               10.22
5_TextWorkflow_D               6.53
6_KeyframeWorkflow_A      17.17
7_KeyframeWorkflow_B      6.44
8_Using_AI_EPS             10.52            
9_NetworkLogo_A          15.15            
10_NetworkLogo_B        10.23
11_NetworkLogo_C         3.12
12_NetworkLogo_D         6.39
13_NetworkLogo_E         5.59
14_NetworkLogo_F         4.47
15_NetworkLogo_G        10.04            
16_NetworkLogo_H        7.05
17_NetworkLogo_I         8.03        
18_NetworkLogo_J        9.10        
19_NetworkLogo_K        3.41        
20_NetworkLogo_L        9.15            
21_NetworkLogo_M       7.15
22_NetworkLogo_N       7.10        
23_NetworkLogo_O       7.33    

24_ThinFonts_A            11.45
25_ThinFonts_B            11.40
26_ThinFonts_C            6.40
27_ThinFonts_D            7.52
28_ThinFonts_E            19.05            

29_BallLogo_A            11.48
30_BallLogo_B            8.15
31_BallLogo_C            6.00    
32_BallLogo_D            5.43
33_BallLogo_E            6.31    
34_BallLogo_F            10.52
35_BallLogo_G            6.22
36_BallLogo_H           15.40
37_BallLogo_I             5.48
38_BallLogo_J            10.09
39_BallLogo_K           13.04
40_BallLogo_Close     6.55      5.6 hours