MODO 10 Signature Courseware

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The MODO 10 software from The Foundry is filled with 3D modeling and animation goodness. has been the leader in start-to-finish video training for MODO since 2003. While there are many great resources out there, 3DG takes you from the ground up in one single course. What's more - if you're already know MODO and want to get up to speed quickly, this course is for you.

We've updated and segmented the learning so you can start with the basics or jump right into projects.

In this course you'll learn:

  1. What's New / Course Overview
  2. Preferences
  3. Interface
    1. Panels & Tabs
    2. Items
    3. Shaders
    4. Properties
    5. Schematic
  4. Modeling Changes
  5. Quick Start Tutorial
    1. Introduction
    2. Reference Images
    3. Modeling
    4. Camera
    5. Lighting
    6. Rendering
  6. Procedural Modeling
  7. Mesh Fusion
  8. Retopology
  9. Animation
  10. Dynamics
  11. Particles
  12. Rigging
  13. Rendering
    1. Lighting / Model Lights
    2. HDR
    3. Color
    4. Resolution
    5. Outputs

This new course will be available as a download!