LightWave 9.5 Casino

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LightWave 9.5 Casino Courseware

LightWave 9.6 is awesome and 3D is there to bring you the best in video training. Instead of talking about what this great software can do, learn by doing and creating killer animations. Join Dan Ablan for the next 4 hours as he teaches you how
to create dynamic and complete 3D animations
in LightWave v9.6. Learn how to model a roulette wheel, and a craps table, with
all the elements to go with it. But then, take those models further
and learn how to animate dice tumbling down the table, and
watch the roulette wheel come to life. But wait, there's more Learn how to model and animate a full blown slot machine.
No external editors needed, no third party plug-ins - Just you and the latest version of LightWave 3D.

Movies are recorded at in high resolution.
Compressed with Apple H.264 codec for optimal quality, along with AAC audio.

You should be working with at 1280 x 1024 screen resolution. However, you can size the Quicktime window.

You can download a free Quicktime player for both PC and Mac if you don't already have it.

Downloadable Training

LightWave v9.6 Casino Courseware

1_Introduction        1.33
2_Dice            12.54
3_Dice            9.46
4_CrapsTable        6.41
5_CrapsTable        8.55
6_CrapsTable        7.34
7_CrapsTable        10.58
8_CrapsTable        10.27
9_CrapsTable        6.06
10_CrapsTable        11.57
11_CrapsTable        13.46
12_CrapsTable        12.00
13_CrapsTable        7.24
14_CrapsTable        3.39              
15_CrapsTable        2.40
16_CrapsTable        10.08            
17_RouletteWheel        7.30
18_RouletteWheel        5.56
19_RouletteWheel        11.55
20_RouletteWheel        10.12
21_RouletteWheel        5.02
22_RouletteWheel        9.29
23_RouletteWheel        10.54
24_RouletteWheel        12.20
25_SlotMachine        9.10
26_SlotMachine        12.00
27_SlotMachine        11.03
28_SlotMachine        10.01
29_SlotMachine        11.47
30_SlotMachine        9.32
31_SlotMachine        2.36
32_SlotMachine        19.52
33_SlotMachine        5.00
34_SlotMachine        11.58
35_SlotMachine        14.07
36_SlotMachine        9.17
37_SlotMachine        16.27
                        345.18 Total Minutes
                        5.7 Hours