LightWave 3D Medical Courseware

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For years, users have asked for a medical modeling and animation course. And for about two years, people have been waiting!

Much of Dan Ablan's work over the past 20 years has been for health clients like the American Dental Association, Abbott, Baxter, Fujisawa and others. Now you can learn how LightWave 3D is used to build cells, blood flow, cell divisions and more. Travel inside the human body with one simple tool - LightWave.

This brand new course from training leader Dan Ablan and will take you through LightWave 2015 specifically for medical.

These awesome new training tutorials that explain the newest features, plus build on the core functionality that makes LightWave 3D one of the industries leading 3D software applications.

In this comprehensive, from-the-ground-up course, you'll learn this awesome new program in a succinct, straight forward approach. Medical animations are a great field of business for 3D animators, independent or large agencies. Learn how easy it is to build and create in LightWave 3D.

LINKS have started to go out. If you've not received yours, you should see the
like with downloads to the course throughout the weekend!

Thanks for your patience waiting on another great 3DG course! 

Features of the training:

* Great Audio!
* HD Quicktime movies!
* Fully Downloadable! Watch anytime, anywhere!

This course is great for completely new users or seasoned talent. Our unique chapter based approach gives you the flexibility to start at the beginning or just jump to a specific topic. Chapter 1 will be there for newbies and pros alike, covering all the basics - great for a refresher or reference. But if you're hot to get going on new features or want to learn the LightWave workflow (Ch2) section quickly for a project you're doing, just jump to that chapter, watch and learn.


CH0 Introduction

CH1 Particle Basics, Splitting Cells, Blood Cells pt A

CH2 Blood Cells ptB 

CH3 Blood Cells ptC

CH 4 Brain Branches 

CH5 Cancer

CH6 VEGF and EGFR Pathways

CH7 Anti-HER2 Mechanisms

CH8 HER2Neu Receptor

CH9 HIV Replication

CH10 Rendering