Cinema 4D R11 Courseware

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Maxon's awesome modeling, animation and rendering program is a one stop shop for killer imagery. The 3D Cinema 4D Signature Courseware is a high quality journey taking you from the ground up in this amazing new software.

You'll finally understand the interface, parametric and polygonal modeling, the robust, high end material system, animation, rendering, effects, and more. This all in one training course is project driven which means you're not sitting through hours of demos, but rather, high resolution videos that don't just show you the software, they teach you. Learn from 3D veteran Dan Ablan who has taught thousands of 3D artists like yourself on products such as LightWave and modo, through his numerous books and videos.

He now expands his training arsenal to Cinema 4D. This course is now shipping! Get this best selling course as a download today.


Technical Specs:

  • Course comes on DVD-ROMs
  • High Quality, full resolution hours of Quicktime Movies
  • Codecs included on discs
  • 1280x720 resolution.
  • Minimum 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • MAC and PC compatible.
  • DVD-ROM required.
  • This is not an NTSC or PAL DVD-Video.
  • Approx 10+ hours