Photoshop CS6 for Photographers

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Presented in 1440 resolution - higher than HD!

This amazing new version of Photoshop has been taking the industry by storm. And while there is so much information out there already on how to use it, there's very little that holds your hand as a photographer. 

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers from is taught by Dan Ablan, and award winning, published and certified professional photographer. His work has been published twice in Rangefinder magazine. You'll see his techniques for using Photoshop CS6 to not only make your images look amazing, you'll take them beyond the ordinary. Dan has been using and teaching Lightroom and Photoshop for years and is bringing his brand of training to you in this one jam-packed video course.

You'll Learn:

Image Workflow and Management
Bridge vs Lightroom
Proper use of Curves
Tricks for Levels
Using the new CS6 Content Aware features
Killer Compositing like the image you see on this page
Understanding Color
Using templates and masks
Portrait Retouching without looking fake
Sharpening techniques
and many more tips and tricks that every photographer needs.

This course is going to teach you how to use Photoshop CS6 in and efficient and effective way that not only
reduces your time but gets you better images without looking too over-processed.


Course Overview:

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers 

by Dan Ablan


Chapter 1 - Let's Get Into It

1_Introduction :48

2_Interface 6:57

3_Camera_RAW 19.09

4_RAW_Processing 6:44

5_Bunch_Of_Edits 19:46


Chapter 2 - Levels & Curves

6_LevelAdjustments 4:52

7_LevelsNoGood 4:17

8_IntroToCurves 4:29

9_PointsOnCurves 6:35

10_CrazyCurves 3:11


Chapter 3 - Layers

11_LayerBasics 5:13

12_Blending&Masks 7:00

13_SmartObjects 7:58


Chapter 4 - Portraits

14_Cropping 5:21

15_Color&Tone 9:48

16_UnderEyeTechniques 4:58

17_SkinRetouching 13:00

18_SharpenEyes 7:28

19_PerfectVIgnettes 3:50


Chapter 5 - Compositing

20_CompositingIntro 2:10

21_SelectionMethods 12:41

22_RefineEdge 11:03

23_Compositing_A 12:30

24_Compositing_B 9:49


Chapter 5 - Cleverness

25_ContentAware 5:40

26_LensDistortionFix 6:36

27_HDR 7:22

28_FixReflection 6:45

29_GrungeEffect 4:34

20_GoodBye :40


215 Minutes 3.5 hours

Get this great new course that cuts through the fluff and helps you make your great images, extraordinary. Learn Photoshop CS6 today!