modo 401 Signature Courseware

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Amazing 12 hour, project based courseware to teach you modo 401 from the ground up!!

The 3D modo 401 Signature Course will introduce you to modo 401, from the new interface, to the new modeling tools, fur, inverse kinematics, contraints, and updated animation pipeline, plus much more. More than 12 TOTAL HOURS on DVD-ROMs that play on both Mac and PC. This course is a beginner course, through intermediate lessons. And who's teaching you? Learn from Dan Ablan, the author of the "Official Luxology modo Guide" for both modo 201 and 301! Don't learn modo from just anyone, learn from the author. Dan's training has helped hundreds of people not just learn, but understand modo.  




SECTION A - INTRODUCTION VIDEOS (Some as long as 21 minutes, covering main topics. Great for newbies, and reference for existing users)
These videos include: Introduction, InterfaceOverview , Custom Interface, Work Plane, Selections, ActionCenters, Falloffs, UsingTools, Paint, UVs, LayoutTab, Animation, Item_List, Shader_Tree, Groups, & the RenderTab

SECTION B - PRODUCT SHOT (Workflow Videos, Start to finish project, Modeling, Edges, Selections, Surfacing, Image Mapping, Lighting, Rendering)

SECTION C - WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE (Sculpting, Painting, Shader Tree, Fur, Replicators)
Build, Texture, Surface, Light, & Render a jungle.

SECTION D - FUR (Fur and Hair Tools, Grass, Render Curves)
Learn to add to grass and fur using the new 401 toolset, including painting hair.

SECTION E - IK BASICS (Videos covering what IK is and how to use it)
Follow along and build objects, and set them up for IK.

SECTION F - ROBOT (Modeling, Inverse Kinematics, Dynamic Parents, Contraints, Animation)
Putting the concepts into action so far, learn to use basic modeling skills, learn about a few additional modeling tools. Build a full robot from the feet, to the legs, to the hips, etc. Rig the robot with inverse kinematics and constraints. Animate the robot to make him walk.

SECTION G- THE SHARK (Backdrop Items, Modeling Skills, Sculpting, Painting, Scene Setup, Environments, Caustics, Animation, Morphing, Rendering)
Learn two methods for approaching this type of model. Use a combination of modeling tools to create the animal, then apply sculpting and painting. You'll build and underwater environment and although modo does not have a bone structure, you'll see how to make the shark swim.

SECTION H - EXTRA STUFF (Edge Work, Surfacing, Gradients, Convering Bad Models into Good, Multiple Painting layers, Gradients)
A few more additional videos covering working with bad models from other sources. See render errors in these models and how you can easily fix them, such as triangulated CAD models. Learn how to use background constraints, as well as use portions of one model to build another. Add to the model by painting multiple textures for color and bump, controlled by gradients.