modo 301 Courseware

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Amazing 14 hour, project based courseware to teach you modo 301 from the ground up!!

The 3D modo 301 Signature Course will introduce you to modo 301, from the new interface, to the new modeling tools, surfacing, updated workflow  pipeline, plus much more. More than 14 TOTAL HOURS that play on both Mac and PC. This course is a beginner course, through intermediate lessons. And who's teaching you? Learn from Dan Ablan, the author of the "Official Luxology modo Guide" for both modo 201 and 301! Don't learn modo from just anyone, learn from the author. Dan's training has helped hundreds of people not just learn, but understand modo.  



Create a realistic candlestick using the power of sculpting tools.
Add realism with sub surface scattering.

Build an interior room and animate through it.

Learn to create blood cells for medical animation.

Learn to add molecules for added interest.

Product shots are hot! Learn how to model and render them.

Build a great looking chair using modeling and sculpting tools.

Learn how to create motion graphics.

Use modo for accident re-creation.


And tons of tips and information throughout!

All of this is useful even today with modo 10!