After Effects CC2017 "Up To Speed"

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This brand new course coming in March 2017 takes you through everything you need to know to work in After Effects CC2017. 

This Up To Speed course will introduce you to the core foundations of After Effects, but take you beyond the basics to learn:

• Interface Setup & Navigation
• Color Space
• Resolution
• Compositions
• Layers / Solids and the foundations of AE
• Understanding Pre-Comps
• Building for Print vs Digital vs Video
• Effects
• Building animations
• Making titles
• Exporting and formats
• Working with masks
• Tracking footage
• Rendering

And much more along the way.

Course release price is $79, but pre-order today for just $49 and you'll be the first to download this great new course - taught in a clear, concise, succinct video series from Dan Ablan. Dan has been teaching Photoshop, 3D, photography, After Effects and much more in his books, videos and seminars for nearly 20 years. What you'll learn are real-world techniques that are practical and useful to your everyday workflow and client base. 

This course releases in March, 2017