Memorial Day Weekend Blast!

Hey 3D'ers - 
This new MODO 701 course is taking on a life of it's own! In reviewing the 601 course, it was important to cover as much, but do it better, and differently, but the same. In my head, it makes sense. Just go with it.

In any case, links will be sent out Friday night to all pre-release orders. We have about 55 of 80 movies now on the servers and the storefront is hooked up. I'm not entirely crazy with the rigging section so what we'll do is release this next week and get everything else out to you for memorial day weekend. 

Hope you like!


  • David

    Still waiting for the rest of the course. Disappointed that their has not been any updates as to whats happening, poor customer service but excellent training.

  • dave

    i still only have the first ten hours? is the remainder available yet??

  • David O'Rourke

    any word on the rest of the course yet please dan?

  • Rainer Neeme

    “new hours with more will be added June 1”

    thank you, looking forward.

  • Jonathan Gerber

    Pre-ordered on the 22nd. Got an email with a download link. The content wasn’t up yet. Went back to try and download today, but the link wasnt good anymore. It had “expired”. Huh?

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