3D Garage Celebrates 10th year!

Believe it or not, 3DGarage.com turns 10 years old in July! Created in 2003, 3DGarage.com initially was going to be called "LightWave Direct." However, two problems with that - it limited my coverage of future software products, such as modo 3D, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Lightroom and whatever else might come along. Add to that, it's a copyrighted name so, 3DGarage.com was born. The idea for 3D Garage came from something my friend Alex Lindsey started, DV Garage. Alex is a mastermind of talent, having created the Pixel Corps and being the force behind popular programs like This Week in Tech, and a podcast I'm a regular guest on, This Week in Photography.

This new blog is part of the new site just launched in May 2013, along with our brand new MODO 701 Signature Courseware. This amazing new software from The Foundry and Luxology has so many changes and additions, it's been a couple of months recording time to make sure each and every aspect of the program was covered. This new course has to meet the needs of our existing loyal Signature Courseware users, but at the same time cover the basics for our new friends just getting on board with MODO. As such, I've created "The Basics" set of videos within the course that not only will serve as framework for using MODO if you're new, but serve as a reference and refresher for everyone else. 

If you'd like to see other training on 3DGarage.com drop me a note anytime at danablan@agadigital.com.

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